It was very close to the Fifa World Cup 2010 and I prepared this cocktail. My friend Elaine loved it. Because of the blue, yellow and green colors (brazilian flag) she suggested to name it after that world cup as “Drink da Copa”, which means in portuguese “World Cup Drink”. I hated the name and a few weeks later the brazilian team was a failure. So I did something fair: I named this cocktail after her, Elaine Taveira: Taveirinha.

In a cocktail shaker:
• 1 and 1/2 part of fresh orange juice
• 1 and 1/2 part of fresh passion fruit nectar
• 1 part of vodka
• Ice

>> 1/2 part of Curacao Bleu (blue touch at the bottom)

A Copa do Mundo de 2010 se aproximava e eu preparei este coquetel. Minha amiga Elaine o adorou. Por causa das cores azul, verde e amarelo ela sugeriu nomeá-lo “Drink da Copa”. Eu odiei o nome e, para piorar, poucas semanas depois o time brasileiro foi um fracasso. Então preferi fazer algo mais justo: dar o sobrenome dela, Taveira, ao coquetel: Taveirinha.

Numa coqueteleira:
• 1 e 1/2 parte de suco de laranja fresco
• 1 e 1/2 parte de suco de maracujá
• 1 parte de vodka
• Gelo

>> 1/2 parte de Curaçau Blue (para toque azul no fundo)


About Alessandro Paiva

A graphic designer who loves cocktail and travelling. Check my cocktail blog at pourmesamis.com, my travelling blog at fuievouvoltar.com and my graphic design portfolio at www.alessandropaiva.com.


  1. caiojannuzzi

    Gente que chic! E deve ser uma delícia o drink, parabéns Elaine!!

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