Rose Twist

Rose water cocktail

Rose water cocktail

The rose water (or rose syrup) has an intense flavor that captivated and inspired me to create a cocktail. When you drink this destilate you can feel its several uses, such as food, sweeties, cosmetics, juices etc. It gives an exotic twist to the cocktail, and even after the degustation was over you still can feel the rose taste. Very pleasant. Great with gin and citric fruits.

In a cocktail shaker:
• 1 oz gin
• 2 oz tangerine juice
• 1/2 oz rose water
• 1/2 oz mandarin lime
• 1/2 oz simple syrup
• Ice

>> Garnish with tangerine peels.

A água de rosas tem um sabor intenso que me cativou e inspirou para criar um coquetel. Quando você bebe esse destilado você sente os seus usos diversos, como alimentos, doces, perfumes, sucos etc. Ele dá um toque exótico ao coquetel, e mesmo depois da degustação ter acabado você ainda sente o gosto de rosas, muito agradável. Ótimo com gin e frutas cítricas.

Numa coqueteleira:
• 30 ml de gin

• 60 ml de suco de tangerina
• 15 ml de água de rosas
• 15 ml de limão-capeta
• 15 ml de xarope simples
• Gelo

>> Decore com cascas de tangerina.

Rose water cocktail

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One comment

  1. This sounds very interesting – though Rangpur limes are difficult to find…
    Also I think the amount of rose water might be a bit too much… I would be always very carefully one drop is going a long way…

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