Nippon Asahi

Saquê sake cocktail nippon asahi

Nippon Asahi means “Japan’s morning sun” in japanese. This drink can be the best ending for your cocktail party, recovering part of your energies with freshness and awesome flavor. It is energizer because contains green tea, lite because it is a sake-based cocktail and refreshing due to the mint twist. Delicious? Sure! Nippon Asahi is also made from white table grapes. Drink it, go home and take a good rest.

In a cocktail shaker:
• 8 white table grapes*
• 1,7 oz green tea (no sugar)
• 1,7 oz sake
• 0,4 oz simple syrup
• 0,4 oz mint liquor
• Lots of ice

* Squeeze the grapes with a muddler before adding the rest of the ingredients.

Nippon Asahi significa “sol da manhã do Japão” em japonês. Essa bebida pode ser a melhor maneira de encerrar sua festa, recuperando parte de suas energias com refrescância e sabor incrível. É energizante porque contem chá verde, leve porque é feito de saquê e refrescante devido ao toque de hortelã. Delicioso? Claro! Nippon Asahi também é feito de uva itália. Beba-o, vá para casa e tenha um bom descanso.

Numa coqueteleira:
• 8 uvas itália*
• 1 dose de chá verde (sem açúcar)
• 1 dose de saquê
• 1/4 dose de xarope simples
• 1/4 dose de licor de menta
• Bastante gelo

* Com um socador, amasse as uvas antes de acrescentar o restante dos ingredientes.

tea bowl glass suggestion cocktail

nippon asahi cocktail


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  1. I am not sure, if I would use mint liqueur…. fresh mint would be maybe much better tasting [wouldn’t though make this beautiful color].

    Though I am taken of this beautiful presentation – the garnish, the bowl- this is really cool. Even if the name suggest a beer…

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